Ethereum Classic Whitepaper


Into the Ether with Ethereum Classic The Store-of-Value Commodity to Power the Internet of Things
Matthew Beck, CFA | March 2017

In this next wave of the digital revolution, digital currencies have emerged as what many believe to be the greatest innovation since the advent of the internet. For the first time in history, value can be sent anywhere in the world at the same speed as information in a secure and trustless way. However, digital currencies are more than just payment facilitators. They offer an alternative to the economic, political, and social systems run by a handful of large institutions. Powered by millions of peers within globally distributed networks, digital currencies are democratizing information and value in
incredible new ways.

We believe in a future of multiple digital assets, each with unique comparative advantages that enable them to play distinct roles in driving economic growth and in diversifying investment portfolios.

ethereum classic whitepaper

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Ethereum Classic Whitepaper