Dock Whitepaper


In recent years centralized platforms have revolutionized the way individuals find jobs and
employment, build up a reputation, and establish professional networks. As a result, these
platforms retain ownership of massive amounts of professionals’ data and information that only
exist within these closed networks.

Applications are disincentivized from sharing information and data because of the competitive
marketplace and their reliance on data monetization for business purposes. Each platform wants
to hold an advantage over its competitors.

The Dock protocol aims to solve this fundamental data hoarding problem by implementing a
protocol that actually encourages data exchange between platforms.
By utilizing the secure Ethereum mainchain, data encryption, as well as a token model, the Dock
protocol will allow users to take control of their data and exchange it between applications. The
Dock token model will simultaneously motivate applications to exchange information by making
it beneficial for both platforms involved in the transaction.

Both the users and the applications primary needs are met. Users get full control of their data and
applications receive compensation for data exchange.

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Dock Whitepaper