Diruna Whitepaper

The fact shows that the development of Bitcoin and Altcoin with all aspects of the business formed by its existence until now is only able to touch a small part of the entire world community. Our observations show that those who are directly involved in the Crypto-token world today are only people who always follow or have interest in the development of computer technology, internet, online business, and online trading. Meanwhile, most of the other world communities have not even known about the existence of Crypto-token at all.

In our opinion, a new invention or technology will be accepted easily if the invention or technology is able to give benefits that can be felt directly by all levels of society. Almost everyone is familiar with Bitcoin and Altcoin right now, but only few people understand the benefits from the existence of products of those Cryptography and Blockchain technology. We believe that if the benefits of all products produced from Cryptography and Blockchain technology can be felt directly by all levels of society, the growth rate of Crypto-token users worldwide will increase sharply.

Based on these conditions, we decided to build Diruna Community Project and launch Diruna tokens to directly introducing one of the benefits that Cryptography and Blockchain technology products can provide through practical application in a Crypto-token ecosystem. Community-based cultural approach by building Diruna token ecosystems in every neighborhood is the main strategy that we will use to introduce Crypto-token ecosystems to all levels of society in the world.

We hope that what we do through Diruna Community Project is able to overcome the information gap and increase the number of Crypto-token users worldwide. In this white paper, we will clearly describe our vision, mission, strategy, and overview of the Pilot Project that we are working on in Indonesia. Your support and participation by joining the existing Diruna Community or by forming a new Diruna Community in the region or country wherever you are, will help accelerate the achievement of this project.

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Diruna Whitepaper