Defi Whitepaper

Blockchain-based Credit Fraud Detection
Secure joint computation platform for lending companies for fraud detection.

Defi Data Collaboration Protocol provides access to high quality, secure and sharable data. The system allows easy processing, sharing and distribution of data, while keeping the privacy of both enterprises and individuals intact.

Our Vision

    Defi aims to define state-of-art inclusive finance with:
    Access to credit
    Data portability
    Identity proofing
    Privacy-preserving computation

Our Solutions

    Enterprise Data Collaboration
    Financial institutions can contribute data and models to better identify, evaluate and control risk. As a result, more individuals will have access to better financial services.
    Credit Fraud Detection Solution
    Secure joint computation platform for lending companies to detect credit fraud.
    Personal Data Wallet

Defi makes sure your data is protected and owned by you. With appropriate management and authorization, your data could help you get better services and even token rewards.


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