CryptoVerificationCoin Whitepaper

Features of the Crypto Verification Coin

We are in an era wherein a new project or an innovative product is launching in the crypto market almost every day and thus it has become the need of the hour to have a solution which not only safeguards the investments of people against scams & fraudulent projects but also provides a solution for the project initiators to verify and select the developers they want to involve or hire in their teams.

Crypto Verification as a Service – CvaaS
CvaaS or Crypto verification as a service provides you instant online verification using latest technologies and accesses to 3500+ databases across 80 countries in the world. Now verify any company, person or entity to mitigate financial risks and frauds.

Verification of the Developers of a project
A verified Developer on CVCC platform has gone through our rigorous processes of identity verification including document verification, identity verification and existence verification. All data submitted during verification are completely encrypted and stored securely with us only to be used in case of any frauds or exit scams.

Verification of a project
Be it ICO or an upcoming project, we at CVCC clear the project as SAFE only after it passes our project security parameters and safety guidelines. Like for developers, all background verification data are encrypted and saved only to be used in situations of frauds or exit scams.

Legal Aide
If you want to establish your crypto company, our in-house legal team will help you with the legal formalities in forming an entity as a company for your project. If you are a victim of fraud, scam or fake investments, CVCC’s in-house legal team is here to help you understand the legal implications and solutions to your problems. From arbitration to litigation, CVCC will help you reach a solution with utmost safety, security & legality.

About CVCC
Blockchain has evolved in leaps and bounds as we progress and so are the endless solutions & possibilities. With the industry to yet reach its pinnacle, it has become mandatory to have some structure in place which focuses on safety of the project, team & developers.

If you are a new project or an existing coin you can apply for a clearance certificate from us. The clearance is an assurance of your existence to the investors and the crypto market. All listed and approved projects will be listed for public view in our platform with an option of community rating.

There are three levels of certifications available wherein you can choose to display your complete details as Open or Selective or Private. All verified contact details of your company i.e. Linkedin, FB, twitter handle, address (if applicable) will be open to public for all levels of certifications.

All charges are to be paid in CVCC coin only. The charges for certification will depend on the type of membership and the existing status of your project. If you are an already existing coin of good standing your certification fee will be the minimal and higher with the newness of your project.


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CryptoVerificationCoin Whitepaper