CryptoAds Marketplace Whitepaper

CryptoAds platform is based on the existing project, which was founded back in 2012 and has 7M+ users as well as more than 100 signed contracts with existing advertisement networks.

CryptoAds itself was founded in the end of 2017, and soon after the idea initiation platform development has started. In the beginning of 2019, CryptoAds opened a public access to the platform demo, so every potential customer could have a look at its functionality and decide whether it is worth his/her attention.

In less than one month after the platform demo launch CryptoAds has signed first five customers, unleashing the real potential of its invention and proving the need for such an offer on the market.

On 1st of May 2019, CryptoAds decided to expand further and launched an Initial Exchange Offering at P2PB2B. Within the next 3 days, first round of the IEO has been finished successfully, and besides the overall exposure, CryptoAds has also inspired P2PB2B with its idea, what then resulted into a partner deal.

Currently, CryptoAds accelerates its growth and looking forward to meeting new clients. Within the next 3 years, company plans to develop its own SDK for both advertisers and app publishers as well as reach more than 1M$ in revenues.

Final target will be to have $30M-$50M in revenues on a monthly basis and become a top advertisement company within the next five years.

CryptoAds Marketplace Website
CryptoAds Marketplace Whitepaper