CoinUs Whitepaper

We designed CoinUs Wallet to improve the ease of use and security of cryptocurrency wallets, which are two of the most paramount issues that need to be addressed to gain wider acceptance by general public. These two requirements often tend Stand at odds with each other, but we developed CoinUs Wallet to satisfy both of them instead of sacrificing or compromising one or the other. We were able to satisfy both requirements by coalescing a wallet interface that has been optimized for mobile and cryptocurrency technologies with the CoinUs Keeper (“Keeper”), a hardware security device that meets the level of standards required in the financial industry.

The CoinUs Wallet will go beyond cryptocurrency storage and transfers to serve as a bridge that connects hitherto isolated elements of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Currently, the cryptocurrency ecosystem is fraught with distinct interfaces
and user environments provided by different services such as trading on exchanges, conversion between cryptocurrencies, commerce, transfers, asset management, decentralized applications, ICO, airdrops, and micropayments. This fragmentation makes it very difficult and complicated for individual users to manage these services, and the lack of UI integration causes significant confusion. The CoinUs Wallet offers a single point of connection between such functions by using an integrated service dubbed the CoinVerse, which maximizes user convenience.

The success of the CoinUs Wallet and the CoinVerse depends in large part on the quality of their products and services. What is equally critical here is the design of the crypto economy: how efficiently you build the user base and how fair and adequate the reward system is for a multitude of participants who contribute to the growth of the network. With an unprecedentedly sophisticated reward mechanism that underpins our growth strategies, the CoinUs Wallet creates an optimum environment to offer integrated services and ensure user convenience and security, which efficiently facilitates the process of entering the mass market.


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CoinUs Whitepaper