Coindom Whitepaper

The Mission and Vision for Coindom Platform

As more and more investors enter the field, easy transactions and management of digital assets have become urgent demands. The Coindom team aims to provide the public with a simple and intuitive low-cost investment software, as well as to become a popular digital asset housekeeper.

The Coindom Platform is envisaged to be a popular digital asset investment housekeeper as the world enters the digital asset era. The Coindom team wants to provide a safe, fair, convenient and open trading and storage application for digital technology enthusiasts. The Coindom team intends to take full advantage of its Baidu-Alibaba-Tencent background, join the top investor and advisor team, as well as devote enthusiasm and resources to its overwhelming advantages of product experience and core functions to achieve its vision.

2.1 What is Coindom Platform
Coindom Platform is an investment tool that is intended to serve the blockchain investors. It is designed to provide in-depth market indicators and directions, multiple exchange account management, keystroke arbitrage and other areas of service that are related to blockchain investment such as information and community. Through unified and intensive operations training, Coindom Platform is aimed at enabling amateur investors to start blockchain asset investment and management quickly.

The design of Coindom Platform was inspired by high-quality Internet stock market operations software such as Tonghuashun and Dazhihui. It has been modified and consolidated according to the practical needs of cryptocurrency investors. Some financial indicators and analytical tools that are not possessed by public exchanges and market software have been integrated into the Coindom Platform.

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Coindom Whitepaper