Coinchase Whitepaper

Coinchase is a community-based cryptocurrency nancial services network. As traditional nance has lost its vitality, the emerging and fast-growing blockchain industry has brought rapid development and high returns to the sector and its customers. Coinchase aims to build a community-based nancial network composed of individuals. Individuals are both the network’s creators and beneciaries. Coinchase acts as the organizer and service developer of its network.

Traditional nancial institutions have caused unnecessary internal and external consumption due to institutional barriers, and these have been transferred to users, resulting in excessive fees at traditional nancial institutions. At the same time, traditional nancial institutions have lost their vitality, resulting in lower returns.


Existing Problems
Traditional nancial institutions can only serve high-net-worth individuals due to their ineciency. It is close to impossible for ordinary users to obtain high-quality nancial services from traditional institutions.

Traditional nancial institutions mainly target high net worth individuals 1 Traditional nancial institutions impose high fees with low returns

Existing Blockchain projects typically initiate their crowdfunding through seed and private rounds unbeknownst to the general public. As most projects do not attract early stage supporters, many of them are unsuccessful or the price of their token falls below the public sale price right after the rst exchange listing. Under that model, project parties attract speculative users to their communities, instead of meaningful supporters. That alone could be a factor that could lead to a project’s failure.

No Consensus between Project Initiators and Participants
Currently, the exchange of information is usually controlled by a centralized organization. Cryptocurrency-interested parties are aggregated in information channels manipulated by the organization, such as ocial Telegram Groups and other social media. There are no third-parties involved, such as decentralized, community-based platforms where users can exchange opinions openly. Users’ points-of-view can be mutually peer-reviewed, scored, and evaluated by other users, thereby forming a transparent network where excellent opinions stand out.

Coinchase whitepaper

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Coinchase Whitepaper