CNNS Whitepaper

Blockchain technology, with its advantage of immutability, security, and transparency, has the potential to revolutionize a wide range of industries. However, at the current stage, low-quality information, absence of an accurate way to measure value, and underdeveloped trading strategies, are causing confusion and high financial risks to blockchain participants and investors. Lack of understanding and uncertainty in legal regulations has caused hesitation for expansion of the blockchain technology into wider industries.

Both institutional and individual investors have a strong need for authentic information and investment tools in the cryptocurrency “Wild West” to mitigate potential hazards. Meanwhile, traditional industries looking to leverage the blockchain technology and tokenize previously low liquidity assets desperately need a legally compliant method with expert assistance to handle the whole process. In this whitepaper, we present the Crypto Neo-value Neural System (CNNS) Ecosphere, a vibrant global ecosystem for information and value exchange to gain maximum benefit for all the key participants in the blockchain industry.

We present four key platforms to facilitate high-quality interactions between user- to-user and user-to-blockchain related assets, which are shown below: The frst platform is the CNNS Information Terminal (CIT), a news and analysis outlet which delivers users time-sensentive and accurate information feeds along with comprehensive analysis of the blockchain industry and the cryptocurrency market, allowing the users to have a better grasp of the blockchain industry as a whole and make better investment decision accordingly.

The second platform is the CNNS Asset Management Platform (CAMP), a regulatory compliant asset management platform that connects professional investment teams to legal sources of stable funding. It also provides potential investment channels for individual investors. A wide range of investment strategies are available, along with assistance in portfolio management, for investors to gain a high return on investment.

The third platform is the CNNS Value Exchange Platform (CVEP), where both on-chain and off-chain exchange of value can be achieved with minimal friction. CVEP also facilitate asset tokenization of traditional industries to achieve wider blockchain adoption. A set of procedures and one-stop services will be in place for both enterprises and individuals.

The fourth platform is the CNNS Global Community (CGC), a place where all the blockchain participants can connect and interact with peers to share and collaborate. For blockchain enthusiasts, CNNS Academy provides the education of blockchain technologies. For blockchain experts, this is the place for you to convert intangible assets of knowledge to palpable value. For blockchain entrepreneurs, you’ll fnd the talents and the broadest audience to share your revolutionary ideas.

The CNNS Ecosphere will be built on the underlying CNNS blockchain to achieve immutability and security of the transactions on top, with the CNNS token as the medium. Well-designed DApps and wallets allows all users to manage blockchain-related info and cryptocurrencies at one location.

CNNS will incentivize network participation and incentivize our key values: user-centricity, authenticity, and high quality. CNNS endeavors to become an industry-leading contributor to propel legally-compliant growth of the blockchain industry as a whole, to act as the catalyst for widespread blockchain adoption and innovation, and to provide opportunities for realization of maximum benefts and value of all blockchain participants.


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