Chiliz Whitepaper

chiliZ is currently an ERC20 token which acts as the exclusive crypto-asset set to power the platform.

The project’s initial positioning as a digital currency alternative for sports & esports entertainment platforms offers it a solid foundation to capture mainstream level adoption. chiliZ’ ambition is not to become an ‘insider’s asset’ in the blockchain industry but rather to serve casual ‘non tech’ consumers across multiple industries.

We work under a mantra of ‘utility first’. A currency by itself can never become a ‘killer app’. chiliZ is no different; it derives its USPs from the unified approach we as a development team have towards creating widely adoptable, mainstream platforms and products for our token to power. This is where chiliZ’ real value is, and it’s where we’re focusing our current and future work efforts. is a big first step in this direction. And it won’t be the last. is a turnkey solution for any sports or esports organization to monetize their fan base via a custom Fan Token Offering (FTO), giving fans access to team branded Fan Tokens that come with voting rights and access to VIP level club rewards and engagement opportunities. also offers a sustainable source of revenue as a team’s fans use the platform to exercise their decisionmaking power, engage with ‘ownable’ VIP features and buy and sell various branded Fan Tokens back and forth amongst themselves.

Teams listen, Fans choose – Our proposition:

Branded Fan Tokens on the platform give fans a license to vote on team matters. Teams choose what fans decide, and it’s the voice of the fans that will be heard.

An ambition to create a cross-sports, shared Fan Token economy: plans to on-board 50+ teams from football and other sporting verticals including esports and other conventional games such as cricket and the like. Our goal is to develop an open, gamified Fan Token Economy.

Our vision is to create a platform which caters to both hardcore “single team” supporters and casual global fans alike. Whether fans want to leverage their voting rights to help guide a single team, or want to interact with multiple teams across different sports, Socios.

com is their gateway to exercise their influence.


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