Carlive Chain Whitepaper

CarLive Chain will play a decisive role between car users, manufacturers,
service providers and advertisers. CarLive Chain will focus on the following

1.Set up an IOV block chain community with over tens of millions of users.
Based on YUTU’s more than 60 million users, we can quickly create a block
chain with tens of millions of users, thus obtaining big data on users, cars, and
scenarios brought about by the chain. Based on these, we will build a
community system where people can gain mining value by contributing to the
big data. This community will be gradually opened to 1.3 billion car users

By storing and fairly distributing user’s behavior data via block chain
technology, CarLive Chain will return the value of big data to users themselves,
bringing about an industry revolution. The big data on users’ behavior include
existing social behavior on YUTU’s platform (live broadcast, video, shopping
guidance, online stores, IM tipping, community, LBS, fan interaction, user
contextualization location, AI location, etc.),e-commerce spending behavior
(car maintenance, roadside assistance, settlement of traffic violation,
automotive insurance, car transaction, etc.) and car performance data ( driving
data, car settings ,engine condition, etc.). CarLive Chain can achieve digital
bookkeeping of big date on users’ car-life behavior and create a consensus of
the date in the block chain ecosystem. By doing this, the value of the big data
can be accumulated and be returned to the users.

Build up a dynamic pricing system and formulate a rewarding algorithm in
5 CarLive Chain: Tens of Millions IOV-Block Chain
terms of community mining for data contributors to encourage car users
around the world to use CarLive Chain wallet in block chain community as well
as participating in reliable social behaviors, auto-life spending and car
performance data recording. This way we can cement YUTU’s leading place in
IOV market through CarLive Chain Token.

2.Set up a transparent, reliable and prosperous IOV commercial ecosystem
Based on YUTU’s current clients, which include BYD and other famous
enterprises in car industry, and over 10, 0000 car service providers, YUTU is
going to set up commercial application scenarios for block chain technology in
areas such as car entertainment service, car tools service, contextualized
e-commerce, online advertising, car enterprise We-Media, Online celebrity
fans economy. At the same time, YUTU is making efforts to promote efficiency
in business operation and service in auto industry, pushing the transaction
cost to zero.

3.Set up 10-million-user level IOV block chain common chain and super
CarLive Chain will focus on the research of underlying block chain technology
in vertical areas in the auto industry and establishing IOV block chain
technology research centers and laboratories. It will open and share the big
data based on YUTU’s community of 60 million users. It will also create an
ecosystem of scenarios for the adoption of IOV block chain, gradually forming
an IOV common chain and cross chain application technology service system
and deployment of super nodes.

We believe that in the near future, any car user can enjoy a quality, reliable,
high-efficiency and low-cost auto-life while gaining community rewards inside
the CarLive Chain community. Any quality car service provider can set up a
multidimensional and transparent spending scenario to gain customers’ trust
and play on a global scale. Any advertiser can share their marketing contents
in CarLive Chain community fairly and fully obtain the trust from customers.

CarLive Chain will become the engine of a happy auto life.

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Carlive Chain Whitepaper