CARDbuyers Whitepaper

CARDbuyers is a new way to use crypto to buy your favorite games and
your favorite stuff safely using Amazon gift card, Steam card, Apple
card, Paysafe card or even Google play card. We are a new
decentralized and anonymous cryptocurrency. CARDbuyers
is open source and accessible to all currency. Our coin has
a POW phase, so you can all get a chance to grab a few
coins before it switches to PoS. We welcome you all to

Our mission is to provide our customers with the best working online shopping
platform, while accepting their privacy and their anonymity. To be able to do this,
we are integrating cryptocurrencies and a various number of gift cards as a payment
method. To maintain such a network, we have made the decision to have a
PoW/PoS/masternode coin. Having this masternode set-up allows us to offer our
clients a more stabile and faster working network, which will result in better
customer experience and a smoother cryptocurrency implementation.
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CARDbuyers Whitepaper