BTU Protocol Whitepaper

Our mission is to create an open source standardized decentralized booking protocol along with reference implementations that can be
leveraged by participants in industries such as hospitality, travel, finance, healthcare, retail, automotive and more.

The Booking Token Unit (BTU) protocol is a building block for any decentralized application (dApp) or web site willing to implement booking features for their end-users. This standard also brings interoperability among decentralized applications that incorporate it.

The BTU protocol is being standardized as ERC-808 and requires the use of the Ethereum-based BTU token. The purpose of the BTU Token is to incentivize proper behaviors such as rewarding successful bookings and enforcing late cancellation and no-shows policies.

All applications implementing the BTU protocol would benefit from a hybrid approach that combines an on-chain smart contract and off-chain software components, providing more scalability.

Finally, a transparent and public inventory enabled by an open-source protocol would considerably lower the entry barriers into the online booking markets.

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BTU Protocol Whitepaper