BOXX Token [Blockparty] Whitepaper

The event ticketing industry is widely disparaged for its technology, fraud and sales challenges.
We have all been there: after spending months waiting for and planning to attend a concert or
sports match featuring your favorite artist or team, and despite your greatest efforts camping
outside a box office, or furiously entering a captcha into a ticketing website, you not only miss
out on the best tickets but often miss out on tickets entirely, and the best you can hope for is
to find tickets at an enormous markup on a reseller site. Live events are designed by
performers, event operators and venues to be life changing, once-in-a-lifetime experiences –
yet the event ticketing industry more often than not fails to deliver ticket sales experiences to

Blockparty intends to deliver a blockchain-based decentralized event ticketing
protocol to solve the debilitating challenges that currently render the event ticketing industry
incapable of consistently delivering optimal experiences, seamless ticketing and fair prices. It
plans to enable ticketing companies, venues and event operators to solve inefficiencies such
as gate fraud, physical ticket accounting and bulk-buying by bots, while legitimizing ticket
transfers by using facial recognition and fingerprint technology to validate tickets at the gate.
Blockparty intends to be an integrative and disruptive protocol that serves both existing and
new participants, improves enterprise profitability and substantially enhances customer

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BOXX Token [Blockparty] Whitepaper