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“Lack of exercise responsible for twice as many deaths as obesity” – American Society for Nutrition
“Lack of exercise as ‘deadly’ as smoking” – Lancet Journal
“Physical inactivity is a leading cause of disease and disability” – WHO

Physical exercise or activity plays a major role in sustaining one’s health. Although everybody knows this fact, maintaining the necessary physical activity levels often needs something more than a mere desire. It is, in fact, the MOTIVATION that most people lack to achieve their health goals. Of course, there are many solutions intended to motivate people such as healthcare apps, gym memberships, devices, sensors, etc. but none of them have been adequate to bring about the desired levels of physical health, as statistics still look dreadful: physical inactivity causes 1 in 10 deaths worldwide!

Boltt is on a mission to continuously motivate people to encourage them to be more active and keep alive their desires for a healthier lifestyle. Boltt is leveraging the vast possibilities of technology to support people who practice an active lifestyle for health, fitness, and wellbeing. Boltt is creating a social health gamification platform and an entire ecosystem around health which aims to motivate people to maintain their physical activity in a unique approach: Boltt rewards people with BolttCoins for taking steps and achieving their health targets; Boltt introduces a gamified social interface that makes physical activity fun and addictive for the users. This motivates people and induces behavioral changes in lifestyles to ultimately reach their health and fitness goals. In addition, gamification and social aspects leverage people’s inherent desires for status and achievement.

On the other hand, Boltt’s platform is a means to monetize people’s health-related data; this is a solution to a long-felt need as there is hardly any way currently to monetize such usergenerated data. This is particularly important, as it has been found that over half of smart phone users gather their health-related information on their phones. This, in turn, helps the other stakeholders in the ecosystem to aggregate and analyze user data to obtain insights for managerial decision-making.

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