Blockmason Link Whitepaper

While Link will initially launch on the Ethereum network — and we will use Ethereum as an example throughout the whitepaper — Link has the potential to support smart contracts on every major programmatic blockchain. The goal of Link is to remove the barriers developers and users face in interacting with blockchain-powered applications. It accomplishes this objective by abstracting away the many confusing, esoteric processes currently necessary for a developer to interact with a smart contract or a user to interact with a decentralized application, including:

● Learning Solidity or other programming languages
● Hosting an Ethereum node or related infrastructure
● Creating an Ethereum address

The process of creating a “Link app” from a smart contract is quite simple: any developer may register a smart contract with Link by providing its address and ABI, from which Link generates a set of standard API endpoints. Link also generates synchronized, dynamic API reference documentation, as well as interactive analytical tools to help developers understand how their smart contract is used, both on and off Link. Finally, Link also generates an API key for use by the developer, as well as an ETH account that Link will use to perform requests on the developer’s or client’s behalf. Link has three primary, and vital, value propositions:

1. Create a traditional, web-based application from a smart contract or decentralized app
2. Allow traditional developers to empower their web-based applications with smart contract

Link is a tool of adoption and growth for blockchain-based DApps. It opens up blockchain programming to developers without blockchain experience, and opens up blockchain-powered applications to users unfamiliar with the arcane intricacies of accessing networks like Ethereum.

Furthermore, Link is a tool applicable to every blockchain enterprise. By managing the necessary, but tedious mechanisms of blockchain interaction, Link frees developers to pursue more creative and innovative projects. It also opens every blockchain project to the general public, making decentralized applications as easy to use as any other application with which the population is already familiar. With Link, it is entirely possible to imagine a near future in which every member of our society utilizes a blockchain-powered application on a daily basis without even knowing it.

Consistent with the theme of removing barriers to blockchain adoption, Blockmason is working hard to make the Link Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering simple and familiar for all users. Developers, startups and entrepreneurs will have the option of staking their account with Link’s token, or using traditional payment methods like credit cards.

Blockmason Link is a new application designed to generate simple web APIs from smart contracts written on programmatic blockchains.


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Blockmason Link Whitepaper