Blockcloud Whitepaper

Blockcloud: A Blockchain-based Service-centric Network Stack

Connecting hundreds of billions of devices, theInternet of Things (IoT) has become a technology with largeinfluence in people’s life. However, the future of IoT is threatenedby frail connectivity, poor scalability, absent trust, crackedsecurity and broken business model. Researchers have proposedService-centric Networking (SCN) to provide reliable connectivityand global scalability, while the trust, security and incentiveof services in such approaches are hard to be guaranteed.Another direction is to use the blockchain technology to achieve atrust, secure and incentive IoT. However, most of those solutionsare based on the assumption of a stable and well connectedunderlying network, which is often luxury in mobile and dynamicIoT scenarios.

In this paper, we describe a new approach that combines theadvantages of SCN and blockchain to empower IoT. We proposea service-centric blockchain architecture, which leverages aservice-driven communication paradigm to support mobility andscalability. We design a new consensus mechanism and en efficientledger structure to provide trust, security and incentive in adecentralized manner. Finally, we develop a service pricing anddistribution mechanism that fairly protects the profits of bothservice providers and users of the network.


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