Blockburn Whitepaper

Cryptocurrency is an innovative payment system hinged on the blockchain technology, with the aim of decentralizing the traditional/fiat payment structures. In the stead, it fostered cross-border remissions in real-time with fewer transaction costs. As the trend continues to blossom with the excitement characterized by its prospects reaching a crescendo, it became imperative to formulate another medium to keep the value of cryptocurrencies high.

What is BlockBurn
BlockBurn is a revolutionary cryptocurrency that facilitates an increase in the value of its native token, BURN, by decreasing the supply rate of the coin with every transaction.

It’s worth noting that the idea behind this project is to maintain a feasible value for our token, which informed the reason why we opted for a 2% reduction in the supply of the coin per transaction.

“From another perspective, the value of the token continues to be on the increase, as more transactions are facilitated with it.

BlockBurn Litepaper

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Blockburn Whitepaper