Bitsdaq Whitepaper

Bitsdaq aims to facilitate the trading of crypto assets of professional traders, crypto investors and blockchain start-ups by providing an exceptional user experience by utilizing its cutting-edge technology and the professional experience of its team of world-class veterans from the financial technology (FinTech) and marketing sectors.

Cryptocurrency is one of the most rapidly growing asset classes in the world. As of Feb 2019, the total number of crypto assets issued have exceeded 2,000 2. The total market cap of all major crypto assets has reached as high as a hundreds of billions of US Dollars as of Dec 2017 3. Currently, the total market cap of all major crypto assets has remained steadily at above US $100 billion despite the recent market correction.

With the best technology, marketing and operational support from BITTREX, users of Bitsdaq are able to gain instant access to massive trading liquidity of various crypto assets 24/7, and benefit from the seamless order executions at very competitive prices.

Founded by a group of crypto enthusiasts from the financial technology, marketing and legal sectors, Bitsdaq is headquartered in Hong Kong, a major global financial center in Asia.


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Bitsdaq Whitepaper