bitCEO Whitepaper

The Problem
There is no business entity which can operate by itself. Besides performing their core activities, it is essential for companies to learn from and collaborate with other businesses to stay competitive. Connecting with an ideal partner, however, is a highly challenging task for many business owners. CEOs spend a significant amount of time and effort to network with external executives. According to a survey of 12,000 CEOs, one CEO spend an average of 6-7 hours a week to find a solution for business connections. however, 90% of the time they spent is a waste. With the right partner, however, innovations and positive economic results for the company would be generated with certainty.

To support human collaborations which generate positive outcomes, corporations around the world have long been capitalizing on the advents of technology to bridge social and business gaps. Facebook has solved one of humanity’s most significant demand which is staying connected socially. Alibaba serves as a purely commercial retail platform. There remains, however, a hugely potential field for joining CEOs to create economic values. This is where we come in.

The Opportunity
There are currently about 475 million businesses in the world, translating to more than 475 million CEOs. This figure will undoubtedly increase in the future with current economic conditions. As the market becomes more competitive than in the past, the need to quickly resolve business challenges with improved efficiency and minimal stress would become imperative. Recognizing this opportunity, our ultimate goal is to facilitate a platform where a robust network of CEOs can come together to meet their business demands instantly.

The Solution
As mentioned above, our target is to help CEOs connect and work together in a flash from anywhere in the world. To be able to accomplish this, our project is mobilized in three phases:

Phase 1 – We build a platform to assemble individual excellences & resources of global business owners and activate a powerful collaborative CEO network, called Zeniius.

Phase 2 – We integrate Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain into Zeniius as follow.
● Artificial Intelligence – We employ A.I as one of the solutions to flash-match business demands posted on Zeniius with potential solvers. Additionally, AI is used in a scoring system to rate CEOs according to their contributions to the ecosystem.
● Blockchain – Millions of business transactions which would happen in Zeniius will require optimal transparency. For this reason, we employ Smart Contracts to ensure all transactions are traceable, transparent, and irreversible.

Phase 3 – To motivate CEOs to help one another, we create incentives in monetary and non-monetary terms.
1. We introduce BitCEO (BCEO) – an ERC20 token – to ensure trusted delivery between CEOs. This is the monetary reward when CEOs help one another.
2. We also tokenize CEOs’ abilities, resources and knowledge into a tradable commodity called Ability Card. CEOs may choose to award this to helpers as the non-monetary reward. In a stand-alone Ability Cards marketplace called Ability Store, these abilities can also be traded using BitCEO.

Mission & Vision
Our mission is to create and activate the power of the global CEO network to instantly meet business demands.
Our vision is to become the largest platform for CEO’s collaboration to do business and optimizing resources around the world.

Why BitCEO
Unlike most initial coin offerings, BitCEO & Zeniius is far from an ideal project waiting to be commenced. This project has already attracted about 1,000,000 USD in investment since its initialization in June 2017. Zeniius application has already run on a beta platform, currently available on iOS, Android & web, with thousands of users who are real-life CEOs. Of which, several CEOs of companies which generate annual revenue of 500 million USD, and many others earning more than 50 million USD per annum.


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bitCEO Whitepaper