BitCash Whitepaper

What is BitCash?
BitCash is a cryptocurrency that helps consumers and businesses trade. By combining the benefits of decentralization with those of internet banking, BitCash makes spending and accepting cryptocurrencies as easy as other currencies, like dollars or yen.

BitCash aims to be the world’s most useable cryptocurrency, helping everyone enjoy faster, cheaper, and secure trading.

What is BitCash’s mission?
To become the world’s most useable cryptocurrency so everyone can share in the rewards of decentralization

How will BitCash deliver on its mission?

BitCash will help overcome the barriers that deter businesses and the general public from entering the cryptocurrency space. Specifically, BitCash will focus on the following key areas:
a) Usability
b) Stability
c) Simplicity
d) Mass adoption
e) Acceptance by world’s governments

3 Why does the world need BitCash?
The benefits of decentralized cryptocurrencies are well known: they include speed, privacy, security, efficiency, and lower fees. But so far, few people have enjoyed them.

While the market cap of cryptocurrencies has grown rapidly over the last few years, attracting widespread media attention, they have yet to seriously impact the way we exchange value today.

This is partly because consumers prefer the familiarity of credit cards and traditional currencies (fiat), bribed into maintaining the status quo by incentives like reward points, insurance, and tap to pay. Just buying and storing cryptocurrency can be a technical challenge, and there are still too few places to spend it.

The challenge for businesses is a lack of tools. Cryptocurrencies offer huge advantages like zero chargebacks, faster settlement, and lower fees, but have yet to allow basic tasks like printing transaction statements, recurring payments, importing ledgers into accounting software, and so on – the very tools a business needs to run.

BitCash overcomes these challenges by helping consumers use BitCash as currency, while providing businesses with the tools they need to transact on a day-to-day basis. We aim to “borrow” the features of today’s fiat banking and combine them with the power of cryptocurrency. This will encourage mass adoption, and in turn, help 4 more individuals and businesses enjoy the benefits of decentralization.

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