Bitblocks Whitepaper

BITBLOCKS is a business-oriented cryptocurrency directed towards
entertainment, especially in video games and other areas that revolve
around this current industry, such as championships, events, fairs,
conferences, and game development among others. We know that this
business is in rapid expansion worldwide and that video games have not
ceased to be something exclusively marketed to target age groups. The
climbing value of the gamer world has reached such a point of
professionalism that there are currently athletes and video game teams,
tournament achievements that are transmitted in real time on the
internet and even on television.

This market produces billions of dollars annually and presents an
unquestionable expansion trend. According to Forbes Magazine, this
industry is forecast to move around $128 billion in 2018 through sales of
games, accessories, consoles, new technologies, fairs and events around
the world. In the US alone, gross sales for 2017 were $36 billion. According
to the report prepared by Consulting NPD Group and the Entertainment
Software Association this number represents an increase of 18% when
compared to the previous years’ scores. The BBK has its field of activity in
this billion dollar market, contributing in the promotion of the
commercialization and development of new technologies, strengthening
this area and effectively raising its own value as a digital asset.
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Bitblocks Whitepaper