BidiPass Whitepaper

The aim of this document is to provide an overview of the BidiPass authorization platform (BDP) which employs blockchain technology, peer-to-peer two-layer security, HOTP algorithm, an SDK, biometric authentication mechanisms and other related technologies.
To reduce the size of this document, we will focus on unique features of the BDP platform that are essential to achieving its stated goals.

BidiPass is an identity authentication protocol designed to strengthen the KYC model that global businesses depend on today. The BidiPass platform is a user-friendly, secure and reliable way to authorize actions within connected platforms (e.g. approving transactions on a trading platform) by using a two-layer security protocol that operates in a distributed, peer-to-peer manner.
This document is not intended to be the ultimate reference with respect to all the implementation details. Some particulars are likely to change during the development and testing phases.

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BidiPass Whitepaper