Bettex Coin Whitepaper

Today a widespread internet access has fundamentally transformed practices, which
our society established long ago. The gambling industry is amongst many other
dramatically revolutionized by our digital age industries.
The internet betting markets as a part of the gambling industry are developed rapidly
and sharply too. Today, the total internet betting market capitalization costs more than
$50 billion and it will grow in the future.

The bookmakers and betting exchanges are the most famous and popular
representatives of the betting markets. Compared with bookmakers, the betting
exchanges have several undeniable advantages:
Higher odds for winning. A betting exchange usually offers better odds than
thebookmakers do;
A unlimited bet size. The gamblers, whose betting activities have been restricted
by bookmakers, can place bets of unrestricted size as long as one or more
opposing customers are willing to match theirbets.
Though the betting exchanges have a lot of advantages, they also have some problems
with the centralized data processing and storage system. Today, the gambling
companies constantly face numerous problems:
The dissatisfied payment systems. Mainly, the problems of the regional limited
acceptance and delays ofpayments;
The high banking fees. The online payment systems offer excessively high
banking fees, which are unreasonable for the gambling business;
The third parties’ involvement in the payments increases the transaction
commission,which is covered by the means of gamblers;
A lengthy verification process, which can take up severaldays.

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Bettex Coin Whitepaper