Beldex Whitepaper

In today’s scenario, ICO projects are involved in providing various essential requirements like coins, exchange platform, wallet, and payment cards for trading and other business purposes. But 90% of them get to involve only in delivering either one or two of the above-mentioned services as of today’s date. Delivering a single requirement module or two makes no difference and still forces the ICO players to get dependent on the third-parties either way.

BELDEX as a complete ICO servicing platform has come up with the ideology of providing all the required solution to the existing blockchain players today. We have arisen as a one-stop solution provider who delivers all the four main modules in a most secured way. The primary intention of BELDEX is to bring in these services in our day-to-day usage and to increase its utility in every industry.

BELDEX possess a complete cryptocurrency ecosystem where we have designed and developed the most flexible and transact able crypto coin which possesses all the required features in it to carry out the virtual trading. The coin can be used in a best possible way so that it can able to be transacted in a highly secured manner. This is achieved by storing these coins in a most secured wallet and the best platform to carry out the exchange and other trading activities.

The wallet developed by BELDEX possesses the feature of multi-level security in it and its security code is unbreakable at any point. The wallet only holds the information about the amount stored in it and the location where it is stored is non-traceable. Even the users can utilize those coins only during the time of trading. To make it practically applicable we have included the SePe security system in our wallet.

As an advanced solution provider BELDEX, make sure that it uses the best platform model to carry out the transaction. As of now, decentralized exchange platform is the highly preferred one to carry any cryptocurrency related transaction. This platform ensures greater security for the complete transaction moreover; it also makes sure that these transactions take place without the interference of third parties imposing unnecessary charges on the users. As any kind of decentralized exchange requires advanced P2P architecture for support, we at BELDEX make sure it is integrated in a best possible way.

Beldex whitepaper

Beldex Whitepaper
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