Beetle Coin Whitepaper

The rise of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies gave a new dimension to money
transfer. In the beginning, the term cryptocurrency was met with skepticism
almost similar to credit cards when it was introduced.

After the financial crisis in 2008, the cryptocurrency especially Bitcoin
revolutionized the way money is used and transferred around the globe.
As of February 2018, the current market capitalization of the cryptocurrency
is more than $511 billion, and that number is expected to increase as the
month’s pass.

According to Jesse Powell, the CEO and Founder of Kraken a cryptocurrency
exchange company, the market capitalization of the cryptocurrency market
will continue its rapid growth and reach $1 trillion in 2018.
The early investors in Bitcoin have gained significant returns. The price of
one Bitcoin went from $0.1 in 2009 to $19,000 in December 2017.
The cryptocurrency and its blockchain technology provide people with
services and opportunities that did not exist before, which includes sending
money in a confidential, faster and cheaper manner than that of the fiat

The cryptocurrencies are a reality today and are expected to grow bigger and
gain more market share, as more people are investing in Bitcoin and other

The Bitcoin, which is the most valued and most popular cryptocurrency, has
paved the way for other cryptocurrencies to enter the market and offer new
features also improving the blockchain technology giving a chance to
cryptocurrencies such as Beetle coin to write its own success story in the
cryptocurrency world.

This whitepaper provides an insight on how Beetle coin incorporates its
great features to its advantage and offers chances for investors to earn
higher returns.

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Beetle Coin Whitepaper