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B91, established in 2018, has received investment and was acquired by Hong Kong Wealth Foundation on May 13, 2019 for strategic business integration. B91 aims to provide a platform for digital wealth in 3 major sectors: 1) management · 2) applications · 3) mass adoption to form a blockchain ecosystem to facilitate a payment 5.0 system. The 9-business field covers multi-currency universal wallets, global payments, blockchain P2P, C2C services, OTC services, aggregate transactions, wealth management products, technology venture funds, and charity. B91 will enhance blockchain technology with a revolutionizing marketing model to rapidly expand its business globally.

1) B91·Universal Wallet
B91 Universal Wallet is a digital currency versatile mobile application terminal based on independent blockchain technology. It integrates five types of wallets: cold wallet, HD wallet, multi-sig wallet, decentralized exchange, and decentralized social.

Within its public chain, B91 Universal Wallet is also creating a Universal Key system where all users would only be required to hold one key to access to all their cryptocurrency. With strong technical strength, functionality, practicality and ease of use, it is the key to digital assets in the blockchain era.

2)Global Payments
B91 Payment is a blockchain-based payment platform that allows you to use cryptocurrency anytime, anywhere. People can use their B91 debit card for daily shopping and withdrawals.

The B91 payment system includes the B91 wallet, which can be used in nearly 200 countries using different cryptocurrencies (available on iOS and Android) and B91 cards, accepted by more than 42 million VISA merchants both online and offline.

We offer users a variety of cryptocurrency features for added security. Creating a superior product experience for our customers is at the heart of our work.

3)Blockchain P2P
The B91 blockchain platform ecosystem utilizes the decentralization of blockchain technology. The point-to-point service of blockchain technology does not need a trusted third party. Each account on the node records every loan, cannot be forged, and cannot be tampered with.

Transfers across the blockchain, are vetted, transparent and open. Combined with BTC、ETH,B91 and most stable coins such as USDT,TUSD,DAI,PAX, GUSD,USDC,BitCNY,QC,DigixDao; the B91 Public Chain offers pledge lending, which solves a major problem in the industry with many holders facing issues of having too many coins but no cash on hand. Eventually when all the operations are stable in a country, we will expand across borders to create the first global Blockchain P2P platform.

C2C refers to the legal currency transactions between users using USDT. For example, a user has USDT, trades through C2C, and sells it to another user. This type of transaction is called C2C, which is a peer-to-peer transaction. The B91 blockchain platform is equivalent to an intermediary that provides an additional guaranteed asset security to both parties.

B91·OTC is a function that provides blockchain over-the-counter (OTC) transactions. It is dedicated to making blockchain assets flow more efficiently, helping participants to quickly discover and realize the value of digital currency investments by allowing them to partake into blockchain projects through fiat to crypto exchanges efficiently.

6)Aggregate Trading
The B91 Aggregator is an account that implements a global cross-exchange service that aggregates “transactions” from other exchanges onto a single platform.

The B91 converged transaction realizes trans-global exchange transactions, covering 90% of the currency types on the market, big data allows for artificial intelligence’s price comparison, and selecting the global optimal price difference to help users improve transaction efficiency and accelerate user profitability. 7) Blockchain Financial Products

The B91 blockchain platform will gradually launch stable blockchain wealth management products, including bonds, fixed deposits and similarly other financial products that the consumers are familiar with in the traditional financial market.

Investors subscribe with digital currency with limited availability on a firstcome, first-served basis. The wealth management funds will be managed by a thirdparty professional team to ensure stable and profitable returns to the investors.

8)Technology Venture Fund TVF
As a blockchain ecosystem, B91 Technology Venture Fund raises capital for capitalists and retail investors on the platform through a smart contract crowdfunding application on the B91 public chain system. It provides a number of post-investment value-added services for blockchain entrepreneurs, including project incubation, acceleration, technical innovation guidance, economic model grooming, brand marketing, and internationally known medias amongst other premium resources.

We have a professional blockchain team; digital asset AI quantitative investment team, blockchain project value assessment team, digital asset venture capital team. To screen high-quality projects globally. Our targeted investment sector covers infrastructure and applications, and derivative industries in the blockchain ecosystem.

The B91 platform launches its charity sector and relies on the blockchain as a charity platform to provide medical funds efficiently for the broad masses in need.

Fundraisers don’t have to pay fees through the platform, professional consultants are available on one-on-one consultations, and most importantly access to global donations at a faster speed. In the form of digital asset donations, donors around the world help poor people who are in need. The B91 public welfare target to raise more than 100 million US dollars in digital currency and to lead the people in the blockchain space to contribute back to the society.

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