Amoveo Whitepaper

Blockchain is a form of cryptographic database technology. Each blockchain hosts a cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies are a form of wealth that is made secure by blockchain technology. Amoveo is a blockchain which secures a cryptocurrency called Veo. Using Amoveo you can host a market on a server where you make money every time anyone trades. Using Veo in the markets, you can buy and sell risk in anything. With Amoveo it is impossible for customers to steal from a market, and it is impossible for the market to steal from its customers.

Separating church and state is good. It makes both the church and the state less dangerous. Combining religious convictions with a monopoly on violence was deadly. It meant that people could be easily convinced to kill you at any time, and there was no consequence to the religious leader who called for your death.

Separating finance and state will also be good. It will make both the state and finance less dangerous. Combining finance with a monopoly on violence means that we can’t truly trust the finance system. The people who are holding our money are able to steal our money without consequence. This is a terrible combination. Amoveo mission statement

Blockchain Consensus Protocol
Amoveo uses Nakamoto consensus, just like Bitcoin. In this system, some people act as miners. They receive a reward for producing blocks. Producing a block involves doing an expensive calculation called proof-of-work. The difficulty of this proof-of-work changes so that the rate of block production stays about 10 minutes.

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Amoveo Whitepaper