Amino Network Whitepaper

Amino is a next-generation layered computing infrastructure for cryptoeconomy. Amino enables on-demand, cost-effective, commercial-grade high performance distributed computing by encouraging owners of high-performance computer hardware to contribute their idle computing resources to various computing tasks and applications.

 In the near future, more and more industries, such as AI, IoT, AR/VR, 5G and blockchain, will require distributed computing networks. These networks need to have low latency, enhanced security, resilience, scalability and efficiency. The old-generation decentralised distributed computing networks, such as Golem and SONM, use peer-to-peer marketplaces to enable computing consumers (“requestors”) to rent resources from other individual contributors’ (“providers”) machines, but these resource sharing models within the marketplace leads to poor experiences for both contributors and consumers of those resources. No matter how their technologies improve, the oldgeneration networks cannot satisfy the needs of either the contributors or consumers because of fundamental flaws in their economic model. Amino provides a unique economic model that both meets the growing demand for distributed computing and creates a fair reward system in order to encourage providers to share their idle computing resources.

 Amino enables computing resources to be shared via a decentralised, distributed computing network based on commercial level technologies that were researched and implemented by the Amino team since 2010. Amino provides a more stable, highly-efficient and safe system architecture for sharing computing resources, called the Amino OS (operating system) – a kinde of TEE OS. In addition, intelligent modules will integrate both the Amino OS and the innovative decentralised computing ecosystem of Amino to enable Amino to learn, adapt and evolve over time. The intelligent modules have been tested with commercial cloud platforms.

By the end of 2017, over 3, 000 Amino OSs have been deployed on the high-performance computing terminals in over 20 locations in the Asia Pacific region, providing reliable highperformance computing power for over 18 months.

 The growing team of Amino is composed of distinguished researchers and experts from top universities in New Zealand and Australia. The Amino project is supported by The New Zealand Digital Economy Development Trust, a trust that actively promotes New Zealand companies and research institutions to connect with global digital technology. The Amino team combines a deep background in artificial intelligence, big data, distributed systems, information security & risk governance, economics, and blockchain with real-world business experience as entrepreneurs and technologists.

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Amino Network Whitepaper