AirWire Whitepaper

Creating and innovating are innate to humanity. These tenets, coupled with the explosion of technology and Moore’s
Law, have increased the efficiency of that process a hundredfold. The original Ford Model T. Within a century, that Ford
Model T has been distilled and refined into the automobiles of today. Social media has done the same exact thing with
traditional communication methods: distilled and refined them down to how we interact on a daily basis.

What social media has done for communication, the blockchain and more specifically cryptocurrency, has done to the
financial technology sector. This internet innovation has changed how we view transaction handling by making things
faster, more secure, and accessible to everyone. The disruptive power of the blockchain has near limitless potential
because of its adaptability to any situation. The inherent innovation built into its model ensures that there is always a
situation where it would be useful.

By combining these two innovations, social media and the blockchain it gives rise to AirWire, an original and simple to
use platform focused around the idea of enabling its users to send and receive cryptocurrency over existing social media
networks. Simple, quick, and secure are central principles of the AirWire platform. Less than 1% of the 2 billion active
social media users know about cryptocurrency. AirWire is empowering many new users, and businesses as well, with
the limitless potential of the blockchain and cryptocurrency in an effort to teach these 2 billion social media users about
the power of blockchain technology.

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AirWire Whitepaper