AiLink Token Whitepaper

The greatest social networking platform in the internet era is Facebook,
WeChat and so on. Initially these products gained massive users by meeting
their needs of communication and socialization, and then succeeded in
creating great commercial value. However, the drawbacks of traditional
social platforms are getting more and more obvious:
• Giant’s products acquired a monopoly, users have no choice and no
discourse right.
• User privacy can not be guaranteed. User’s data is analyzed and
commercialized by the platform, user experience is getting worse, users
are forced to receive mandatory advertisements and commercial push,
and the cost of trust between users is also getting higher and higher.
• Because of the centralized flow of platform, developer has no bargaining
power, and most of the proceeds are obtained by the platform, many
good products are hard to reveal.
• Advertisers in the traditional platform of advertising, can not get real and
transparent advertising effectiveness.
• Insufficient incentives. The value of the platform is essentially created by
users with every piece of content and interaction a little bit cumulatively,
but without any direct relationship with users.
• The traditional social networking platform is essentially a commercial
company that continuously intrudes the interests of users for the KPIs of
business goals and financial statements.
AiLink’s purpose is to encourage users to engage in value-social interaction
on the value network they trust and build a new social network of the ideal

A trusted open social platform based on blockchain-AiLink White Paper
ecological value system based on artificial intelligence technology, P2P
technology and blockchain, which has decentralization, high security,
privacy protection and other features, instead of the traditional profit
model of commercial companies which use information and resources
In addition, as blockchain industry has developed to the present stage,
user-friendly blockchain products are strongly needed which allow more
users to accept and recognize the concept and value of the blockchain,
which is also AiLink’s mission. AiLink will start with social games, allowing
users to begin to understand the value of the blockchain to bring their own
value, to attract friends around the world to join the game, and quickly
establish connections and interact with other users on the platform.

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AiLink Token Whitepaper