Aditus Whitepaper

The luxury lifestyle industry is a trillion-dollar business hungry for growth, and new cryptoaffluents
and crypto-millionaires are being minted every day. Even while the crypto-markets
remains in its infant stages, there is a unique opportunity to seize the first mover advantage and
be the first to serve a huge neglected community of affluent people through their lifestyle needs.

That combined with the our unique competitive advantages and our focused user acquisition
plans, means we are well placed to build a luxury lifestyle platform powered by crypto-currencies,
enjoyed by a thriving and motivated community made up of discerning individuals originating
from both fiat and crypto-currencies in the new crypto-currency economy.

The successful execution of our roll-out plan will cement Aditus’, and the ADITUS Token’s,
position at the core of the luxury lifestyle within the new age of crypto-currencies, an influential
and profitable position for a platform to be.

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Aditus Whitepaper