QuasarCoin Whitepaper

Bitcoin, an innovative currency developed by Nakamoto Satoshi in 2008, Ethereum, a decentralized platform that runs smart contracts
developed by Vitaly R. Buterin, are just the two examples of more than a thousand cryptocurrencies that are developed and traded

However, it is true that the original cryptocurrency lacks the most important function, the real-life transaction ability. Due to the
characteristics of the block-chain such as delayed settlement due to consultation time, the variability of the value of each coin in real
time as well as the difference in exchange, these are some of the barriers to the activation of cryptocurrency in real transactions.
It is also the case that most new coins concentrate solely on technological advances, are designed for trading purposes on coin
exchanges, or one coin is aimed at multiple uses too much that it fails to achieve one objective well.
The Quasar project team focused on the realization of the cryptocurrency that is actively used in the real world, the development of APIs
related to the payment system that enables users to easily and conveniently make payment, while they enjoy the journey that people like
and enjoy.

“Travel makes people feel excited, but it also makes them afraid of unknown and unfairness in a strange place!”
Quasar aims to realize a fair travel ecosystem platform that allows people to travel comfortably and happily around the world through
block-chain based encryption.

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QuasarCoin Whitepaper