Loopring Whitepaper


Loopring is an open protocol for building decentralized exchanges. Loopring operates as a public set of smart
contracts responsible for trade and settlement, with an off-chain group of actors aggregating and communicating orders.
The protocol is free, extensible, and serves as a standardized building block for decentralized applications (dApps) that
incorporate exchange functionality. Its interoperable standards facilitate trustless, anonymous trading. An important
improvement over current decentralized exchange protocols is the ability for orders to be mix-and-matched with other,
dissimilar orders, obviating the constraints of two-token trading pairs and drastically improving liquidity. Loopring
also employs a unique and robust solution to prevent front-running: the unfair attempt to submit transactions into a
block quicker than the original solution provider. Loopring is blockchain agnostic, and deployable on any blockchain
with smart contract functionality. At the time of writing, it’s operable on Ethereum [1] [2] and Qtum [3] with NEO [4]

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Loopring Whitepaper