HyperCash Whitepaper

Decentralised autonomous governance
We believe that a community-driven autonomous governance model can adequately fulfill the needs of the HCASH community, ensuring the efficiency of decision-making, and creating a more sustainable and inclusive development environment.

PoW+PoS hybrid mechanism
Under the hybrid Pow + PoS consensus mechanism, all PoW-generated blocks must be verified by PoS miners in order to join the blockchain. Having both miners and stakeholders participating in block production eliminates the possibility of hashpower monopoly to a great extent, while ensuring the security of the network.

Privacy Preserving Protocols
HCASH implements post-quantum lattice RingCT protocols, and improves and optimises zk-snarks, providing clients who use our platform with more effective options for safeguarding their privacy in the future.

Post-quantum Signature Technology
HCASH supports multiple post quantum signature schemes, and is compatible with traditional ECDSA signatures, providing a high-level security protection scheme for users in a future quantum computing environment.

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HyperCash Whitepaper