Experty Whitepaper


INFORMATION is exchanged for money daily
throughout the world, but the current tools to do
so are cumbersome, costly, and inefficient.

have adequate incentives to share personal contact information
with each other, because neither can be guaranteed that the other will
follow through with the exchange. To solve this, a third party organizer
is often brought in, but these services take a large cut of the profit,
resulting in a knowledge seeker being charged more, or a knowledge
provider walking away with less. To get around this, many knowledge
providers will ask for payment in advance, but this demands trust from
the knowledge seeker’s end. There is currently no efficient application
on the market to solve this problem.

Blockchain technology has opened up the possibility for borderless
peer to peer transactions. This means that the exchange of information
for money can be made on a global scale without a costly intermediary.
Experty, our cutting edge application, is designed to connect
knowledge providers and knowledge seekers anywhere in the world
using blockchain technology. Payments are automated through our
operations contract (OC), allowing voice and video calls to be monetized
without a lengthy setup or upfront payment. Knowledge providers can
advertise their services through a direct call link or QR code, which can
be placed on any social media platform. A knowledge provider simply
sets their rate per minute, and when the call is complete, the OC settles
the charges based on the predetermined rate. Knowledge seekers will
only be charged for the length of the call.

We believe Experty will save countless man hours due to its ability to
increase efficiency and accessibility to the exchange of knowledge
worldwide. Our solution will help level the playing field, especially for
those without access to the traditional banking systems.

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Experty Whitepaper