Dragon Coins Whitepaper


If you are reading this White Paper, perhaps it can assumed
that you have an interest in Dragon Inc. and the sale of its
Dragon Coins (DRG).
Thank you.

Dragon Inc. has initiated the launch of an exciting and
highly prospective business that is poised to become a
powerful force for change within its target sector. Our
focus is to dramatically disrupt the legitimate public
gaming sector, namely casinos.

We are proud to be joining the ranks of ntech companies
who are bringing innovative technological solutions to
tackle existing problems or ineciencies within nancial
systems. However, unlike many, we are not seeking funding
for purely technological development.

We do, though, very much pride ourselves on being able to
oer our native tokens to the market with condence,
knowing that the Dragon Platform will almost immediately
serve the needs of a fully operational and substantial

This is reected heavily in this White Paper, which you will
soon notice has much more about the underlying business
driving the tokens and their value than most oerings (are
able to) provide.

When DRG go live, the Dragon Platform will quickly have a
very healthy daily transactional ow. Within only a few weeks,
the Dragon Platform will be cryptographically hosting a major
business with an expected turnover of US$250 million a day.
Set out in the pages that follow are the details of this and how
we intend to build a global business with well over what is
considered an economically necessary critical mass of
transactional ows created by DRG holders as members of the
international Dragon Community.

We sincerely hope that you will gain a good understanding of
the current problem and how the application of our no-frills
Fintech solution brings both signicant cost savings as well as
many other advantages to all stakeholders, and ultimately,
how you as a DRG subscriber would benet from value drivers
within the Dragon Inc. eco-system.

We look forward to having you join us on our exciting journey.

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