CryptalDash Whitepaper

Financial disruption is one of the hottest topics today. Many
startups are trying to revolutionize financial services, helped
by the rapid advancement of blockchain technology.

The blockchain ecosystem is busy developing applications
that will replace and complement traditional banking
products, such as cryptocurrency payment systems, wallets,
centralized/decentralized/hybrid exchanges, peer-to-peer
lending, money transfer services, and a variety of applications
that are expected to disrupt the current financial services
environment. Such applications are supported by a framework
based on the decentralized ledger technology, which enables a
wide reach in an un-censorable environment.
As any ecosystem in its infancy, the current environment is
highly scattered across various platforms, each performing a
bundle of independent services with very low levels of
conversion and synthesis.

Today, in order to make a simple exchange transaction such as
alt-currency exchange, you may have to juggle 3 to 4 interfaces.
Typically you would have your bitcoin wallet, exchange wallet,
and receiving wallets. These, plus the various switching
between platforms, which will typically increase the
probability of errors (reaching up to 5% of total value of
transaction) constitutes a major drawback for the average

We believe that, in addition to having superior applications,
the ecosystem is in need of a solution that enables the
aggregation of information and support of decision making,
which will translate into one platform, accessible by all.
CryptalDash™ is a suite of tools enabling a dashboard and
financial-product-comparative experience across a variety of
platforms. Using our artificial intelligence and tools, we plan to
achieve the user experience currently provided by traditional
banks with extended services ranging from aggregated pricing
feeds and comparison to decision making supported by
artificial intelligence. We believe it’s the best way to enable a
mass adoption of the blockchain technology.

CryptalDash is already achieving significant advancements,
and plans to have infrastructure in place prior to the Initial
Coin Offering (ICO). Already, CryptalDash has the necessary
technology and arrangements to offer a seamless intgration
with the blockchain ecosystem’s main platforms and
applications, providing a frictionless user experience.
CryptalDash CryptalDash is in position to offer the leading single-access
interface and tools that will appeal to retail banks’ existing
customer base, enabling a rapid technological adoption and
mass user acquisition.

In addition to focusing on the user experience, CryptalDash
will provide innovative solutions for both individual
customers and businesses alike, improving the price and
product discovery contributing to a frictionless ecosystem and
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CryptalDash Whitepaper