CanYaCoin Whitepaper


My team and I founded CanYa in 2015 with three core principles.
The first is that services should be truly peer-to-peer — there is no need for a third-party. For
thousands of years we’ve exchanged value directly for another’s skill or service; third-parties are a
compromise. The second is that a true meritocracy will deliver the best experience for all users; the
best providers should get the most work, and should charge the most for their services. The third is
that careful design can be harnessed to deliver on the promises of technology, and that interfaces
can serve seamless experiences between the digital world and the real one.

With these principles in mind, we invested our time and money to realise that vision. From concept
in 2015, development in 2016 and a successful soft-launch in 2017 in a small Australian market, the
CanYa project is being delivered. Over 3400 provider listings have been created with 7600 users
engaging on the platform, and monthly growth in double digits. Over a thousand peer-to-peer jobs
have been processed with less than 1% requiring our arbitration.

With the power of blockchain technology, we can deliver on the next phase of this journey. Not
only can payments be decentralised, autonomous and instantly global, but so can curation,
arbitration and soon storage and even computation. The entire marketplace infrastructure will be
truly peer-to-peer.

But most importantly, we believe in a world powered by cryptocurrency commerce.
Cryptocurrencies still have less than 0.1% of the user-base, trading volume and liquidity of fiat
counterparts, but exceed in potential across all facets. We feel the primary barriers to adoption are
the availability of crypto-enabled merchants, the learning curve associated with acquiring and
spending crypto-currencies, and the presence of fees.

We believe we’ve solved this with CanYa; an incredibly easy, delightful and accessible tool to pay for
services anywhere in the world using crypto-currencies. The CanYaCoin and wallet will be the heart
of the platform, allowing a single medium of trustless exchange between users, removing fees and
cryptocurrency volatility, and empowering the wider cryptocurrency ecosystem (subject to
regulatory approval).
Yours in decentralisation

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CanYaCoin Whitepaper