C2C System Whitepaper

The CtC ATM Ltd. company developed the CtC token for use in its new ATMs. CtC
(pronounced C to C) signifies the connection of coin and coin, and consumer and company.
The new ATM will use CtC tokens secured with blockchain technology and has the potential
to greatly change daily travel and shopping.
The ATM system will couple with a mobile application; it will be able to exchange coins and
bills left over from international travels, daily shopping, investments, and virtual currency and
will promote communication between customers and stores. CtC’s ATM could change the way
people invest.

Current Progress
The CtC ATM project has strong community backing; the CtC development team is creating a
state-of-the-art CtC pocket device for the ATM. The main idea behind this revolutionary
device is to offer several strong benefits that have the potential to change the world of
transactions by incorporating blockchain and crypto technology.
The CtC team launched the project in 2017; it has been very successful, backed by a
substantial number of supporters who enabled the team to start developing the pocket
The team created and issued the CtC tokens; the initial distribution reached more than 1,000
individuals. It trades on the Ardor platform and stocks.exchange.
System Overview
The CtC system makes it convenient to convert any paper currency and coins into many
different cryptocurrencies, including the CtC currency itself.
With our strategically located ATMs, travelers no longer need to worry about leftover paper
bills and coins from the remaining purchases after a business trip. In some locations, travelers
who do not want to be exposed to market volatility can choose the AEUR coin, a coin that is
pegged 1:1 with the Euro by ArdorGate in cooperation with MisterTango.
The system will enable people to get CtC tokens for the amount printed on paper by
depositing coins and paper money no longer needed for international travel or daily shopping
into the ATM. A smartphone will read the QR code on a paper wallet, transfer it to another
wallet, and use it at a crypto currency corresponding shop. People can use CtC tokens
directly at affiliated stores, online shops, and brick-and-mortar stores. a system that can be
converted and invested on a mobile device, such as bitcoin or Ethereum. It will be possible to
convert surplus coins to bitcoins (the value of which is increasing) that could form an effective
distributed asset.

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C2C System Whitepaper