BitScreener Token Whitepaper

BitScreener is a finance-focused unified platform of cryptocurrency and stock tracker
powered by blockchain. It integrates data of separated spaces of stock and cryptocurrency
into a single platform, allowing traders and investors to track their investments across the
domains seamlessly. At the same time, writers and researchers can contribute new content
to the system for rewards. BitScreener leverages the blockchain incentivization mechanism
for user engagement and content quality. The visualization tools (charts, table, news, etc.)
of the data subsystem support writers to create new content easily within the platform.
Once published, the newly generated content is transparently evaluated by the community
for rewards. The two subsystems data and decentralized content of the system are weaved
together, making BitScreener a unique ecosystem evolving overtime. BitScreener aims at
tracking 2000+ cryptos, 100,000+ stocks and thousands of other equities around the globe
in real-time for its community. BitScreener Token Website
BitScreener Token Whitepaper