3DCoin Whitepaper

The world has evolved into a fast-paced digitalized society, one where fluidity and ease of interaction take centre stage. Communication, social interaction, entertainment, and productivity are available at the push of a button. The caveat, however, is that the technologies that make this possible have in a bid to promote fluidity, cut out the traditional experiences formerly associated with these processes. More importantly, a dearth in scalable productive options and scarce resources have stymied the innovative process; brilliant ideas do not see daylight and of the handful that make it past the theoretical stage very few become successful enterprises.

Project Districts is the world’s first fully capable decentralized virtual ecosystem designed to project real-world and ethereal experiences to users all over the globe. Its robust architecture and highly competent development portal (the Districts Visual Studio), makes it the perfect candidate for bootstrapping real-world ideas and solutions. Districts is dissimilar from conventional virtual realities in that it is run and governed by its thriving community. Users who power the blockchain network by functioning as nodes hold the power to create and modify rules governing the ecosystem. Quite practically, its strength is in its numbers. It is this expansive number of users interconnected by the blockchain that has made Districts a hub for social interaction and innovation.

In the Districts ecosystem, users can develop content, applications, and shared experiences for personal, public, or commercial use. Content created using District’s own personalized development tool – the Districts Visual Studio is commissioned into the ecosystem as a Decentralized Application or DAPP. Users exercise full control over their DAPPS and other intellectual properties in the Districts ecosystem. By default, all commissioned DAPPS are assigned a designated land parcel in the Districts 3D world. Users can also purchase and trade land arbitrarily for private or public use. Ownership and geographic location of a land parcel in the 3D world are defined by a smart script, localized in the Districts blockchain.

Using this same blockchain technology is District’s native payment gateway and fully fledged cryptocurrency – 3DCoin; initially based on Bitcoin concept, and reinforced by additional legacy cryptic technologies.

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3DCoin Whitepaper