wys Token Whitepaper

We believe that all Internet users have certain unalienable rights. We believe,
that among these are the rights to own, control, and sell their data. We hold it
to be self-evident that every individual should be able to exercise these rights in
full privacy and on their own terms. We believe, that this precious information is
the lone property of the user. Therefore, usage of this information should require
consent and it should always be rewarded with a fair share of the profits generated
in the process of this usage. These beliefs are at the core philosophy behind and
functionality of wysker.

Today the Internet is far removed from these aspirations. Digital businesses
claim all data as their own: While users exchange their data in return for free services. They are not rewarded proportionally to the power and profit they provide
these digital businesses.
That’s why we started wysker. Our goal is to change the digital economy, enabling users to become part of the data trade and a stakeholder in these profits. By
measuring interests, preferences, and purchase intent of it’s users, wysker creates
valuable data profiles. Access to these profiles is decentralized and depending on
consent of the user. By remunerating users for sharing their information, wysker
offers a valuable data creation and -exchange network for users and businesses.
We are changing the dynamics of e-commerce and the data market by creating
dividends that are shared between all participants.

At the heart of these ambitions is the wys Token. The new unit of exchange
for businesses to access consumers. By paying App users with wys Tokens, wysker
enables data-trading on an individual level. With rising information density, the
relevance of the data increases which makes it more valuable for businesses. This
puts the consumer in a strong position in the data economy by providing high
quality information, consent and opt-in-only targeting.

Step for step, the wys Token is going to be implemented with participating
retailers, playing an active role in gaining the acceptance fair user data treatment
in mainstream retail. A vital factor in driving the adoption of the token will be the
wysker App. In order to match detailed data profiles with corresponding products,
our goal is to build the most relevant product catalogue for discovery shopping in
the world. Together, the wysker App and the wys Token enable our vision of a
decentralized commerce economy where users have access to all possible products
and complete control over their data.

Become a part of the data revolution. You are the consumer. Your data belongs
to you. You deserve to get paid for it. After all there is one truth: without YOU
the entire system cannot work. Join us and regain power. Own your data.

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wys Token Whitepaper