vTorrent Whitepaper


In the current digital distribution environment, there are several longstanding issues in
need of solutions. Firstly, indicators suggest that there is a significant demand for tail-end
content which digital content providers are unable to fulfill. Secondly, the BitTorrent ecosystem
is troubled with censorship attacks, slow and unreliable download speeds on the part of public
torrent sites, and the lack of a protocol level streaming functionality. Thirdly, content creators
hosting their art on traditional content providers such as Spotify are subject to limited artistic
control, delayed payouts, and eroded revenues — byproducts of a distribution system heavily
controlled by rent-seeking intermediaries. Lastly, high barriers to entry make the aforementioned
system difficult to disrupt allowing the status quo to prevail. vTorrent is addressing all these
issues by combining BitTorrent and blockchain technology to enable paid P2P streaming and
downloading within a decentralized, user-friendly, private, and secure environment. The Paid
Streaming and Downloading feature (PSD) will function as an incentive mechanism setting the
stage for a market for tail-end content, and a market for fast downloads and streams. The
decentralized architecture will ensure censorship resistance, and will also allow content creators
to distribute their art without the limitations of intermediaries. The user-friendly, privacy, and
security focused approach will make certain that everyday people can board safely and easily,
opening the door for mainstream adoption. Lastly, startups wanting to partake in the quest to
disrupt the digital distribution industry will save largely on cost, and gain significant in terms of
potential, by building on top of vTorrent’s open-source codebase.

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vTorrent Whitepaper