ugChain Whitepaper


After a two-month collaboration adjustment, ugChain formally completes the
integration with a well-known Japanese game team led by Andy. The integrated new
project will continue to retain the ugChain brand. It has completed registration with
the Singapore Nonprofit Foundation Organization: UGCHAIN FOUNDATION LTD., and
issued the new cryptocurrency UGC. The new ugChain using fund management
model, relying on ugChain Singapore Foundation, composed of China, Japan and the
United Kingdom team, is the world’s leading blockchain project. ugChain uses the
double-blockchain mechanism, which fits decentralized application of ecosystem and
ease of use principles to support eco-participants in various countries and regions to
establish the main application. The participants can share benefits brought by UGC’s
leading blockchain technology, ugChain will also expand the global market, promote
innovation in the blockchain industry, and then benefit all community members.
As an ecosystem consisting of a series of decentralized applications, the core of
ugChain is a decentralized account system (DAS) based on blockchain technology.
The system has built-in exclusive token UG Token (UGC), which simultaneously has
the equity attribute and monetary attribute.

Primary goal of ugChain’s establishment is to build “UG blockchain”, leading global
coverage of decentralized game industry ecosystem with the ultimate goal to reach a
great quantity, strong influence of decentralized account balance system, solve most
of the problems existing in the current centralized applications. After six months of
continuous development, ugChain completed the preliminary resource integration
and application construction for the gaming platform, and is about to enter the
critical period of application promotion and ecological chain construction.
The ugChain team has developed a comprehensive talent system in the field of
cryptography and blockchain technology for more than two years, which is a pioneer
in the implementation of blockchain solution. ugChain research team analyzed the
public blockchain, consortium blockchain, atomic transactions across the blockchain,
side blockchain and a series of blockchain technology. Finally, a more practical
blockchain scheme was selected, and a set of technical systems integrating the
advantages of the public blockchain and consortium blockchain was designed which
turned out to be the decentralized account system (DAS)

The overall architecture of ugChain adds great optimization and improvement on top
of the existing application ecosystem architecture. It will also achieve a greater fit
between the landing application that have gradually entered the large-scale
application phase and fulfill the requirements of players, thus making ugChain
become a pioneer in the cryptocurrency industry integrating blockchain with gaming
industry, and achieve the goal of truly accepting and unimpeded use of blockchain by
crypto users and others.

ugChain firstly applied in the game industry to build a game ecological solution
jointly with well-known Chinese game companies such as 360 and Hoolai, the
application scenarios include game distribution channels, game account trading,
game recharge, virtual commodity purchase, competition, host league,
crowdfunding, community, and so on.

ugChain Community is a user autonomy organization, where community members
holding the UGC vote decide material affairs of the community, the UGC shares
represent voting right, and the UGC holders exercise the supreme power of the
community through voting.

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ugChain Whitepaper