smARTOFGIVING Whitepaper

In the previous decades, relatively every nation on the planet has seen an exponential
development in the impact and exercises of non-profit driven associations.
Philanthropies have turned out to be integral to arrangement making, the
advancement of urban activity, and the conveyance of new semi open
administrations. Most present day not-for-profit associations are more universalist in
their administration conveyance and policymaking yearnings, and more
professionalized and marketed in their tasks than prior emphases established in
religious philanthropy, political developments, or grassroots group and intentional
activity. The number of charities framed after 1990 has expanded considerably. There
were just 1,440,000 social orders enlisted till the year 1970, trailed by 1,790,000
enrollments in the period 1971 to 1980, 5,520,000 enrollments in the period 1981 to
1990, 11,200,000 enlistments in the period 1991 to 2000, and upwards of 11,350,000
social orders enrolled after 2000.
Even with so many NGO’s and charities worldwide and with over 7 billion people,
why is Poverty still claiming lives? We identified the most common reasons why
willing people don’t end up donating for a great cause. Some of the top reasons for
not donating by willing individuals are listed below. AOG coin is our sincere attempt
at creating an effective, streamlined, transparent alternative mode of donation.

smARTOFGIVING Whitepaper