savedroid Whitepaper

Our Vision: ”Cryptocurrencies for Everyone!”
savedroid, the award-winning German FinTech specialized in artificial intelligence (“AI”)
saving technology, has geared up to democratize cryptocurrencies: savedroid will
create a unique AI fueled ecosystem of crypto saving and investing for the
masses. Users will profit from easy access to AI-based crypto saving plans in Bitcoin,
Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Litecoin, IOTA, Dash, Stellar, etc. and superior crypto
investment opportunities, such as portfolios, derivatives, and ICOs, without any
technological adoption barriers. savedroid eliminates today’s complex and painful
processes by creating a smart User Experience (“UX”), which conveniently auto-converts
savings to cryptocurrencies, securely stores them, and makes them easily accessible,
tradeable, and spendable. Hence, savedroid is the first German ICO1 driving crypto
savedroid will leverage its existing core assets of state-of-the-art AI technology
and great UX based on maximum simplification and emotional gamification to
deliver this exceptional value proposition. In fact, savedroid is the very first ICO of a
German stock corporation that follows German legislation and regulation to provide
participants with the highest level of security.
So, join us in making the crypto world accessible for the masses and finally democratize
financial services: Give power to the people!

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savedroid Whitepaper