Rendercoin Whitepaper

We are on the cusp of a technological transformation of our very view of reality, affecting everything from computation to physics. Everything is becoming more virtual, from people on the street glued to their smartphones to engineers producing new realities, augmented and virtual, that allow us to immerse ourselves in new computer-generated worlds. As entertainment companies adopt these new ways of producing new visual effects, content creators and editors find themselves facing new dimensions of complexity. However, larger and more complex jobs spanning thousands of frames across time (for animations) and space (for VR walkthroughs) require external servers and additional resources. No system has existed that scales rendering speed across many dimensions of work in order to allow content creators to tap into the vast pool of graphics cards from an online network. Imagine the possibilities in a world where physically correct rendering tasks are completed quickly and efficiently in a blockchain based peer-to-peer network with no error or delay and with securely protected property rights. We have already innovated the process of rendering reality to new, unprecedented levels. Now we innovate the rendering ecosystem. Welcome to the future – the age of the Render Token (RNDR).

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rendercoin Whitepaper