Privacy Policy

We use google analytics to track your visit to our website. We have asked google to anomyze Ip-Addresses and not to share visitor info across their other platforms. You can always use the Google Analytics opt-out plugin to make sure you can browse the internet anonymously.

We do use advertisers that may collect your personal data via tracking cookies. When we use such advertisers, you will find the corresponding information here and we will make sure this only happens when you accepted such cookies via a cookie consent button or some similar solution.

We have disabled the comment section so you cannot leave any personal data accidentally. Any emails you send us, will be deleted within acceptable timeframes. We might be required to retain personal data according to statutory storage obligations.

Also WordPress seems to place some cookies on your computer to offer you this website. These cookies do not present a risk to your privacy, so we have allowed them to keep doing so. We will update this information when that changes.